Levioso BIO

Levioso BIO

Levioso 2018 BIO
Veneto Rosato I.G.T. BIO

Bottle 750 ml e
price 10 €

Levioso BIO is a wine made from carefully selected Corvina organic grapes which undergo a soft pressing to obtain the must: this is not separated from the skins, which then begin maceration. The duration of the maceration time depends essentially on the coloring capacity of the grapes and on the type of rosé wine to be produced and is never more than 2 days. During this phase the start of fermentation is avoided by furrowing the must and maintaining the low temperature. At the end of the maceration, the must is separated from the skins and the production process continues exactly as for white wines. Produced exclusively with grapes from the Company, in the suggestive hilly area of Fumane, in a place called Costa, with South-South-East exposure. Its production is limited.

The Climatic characteristics of the year

Season characterized by an early sprouting of all vine varieties, of about 6-7 days compared to last year, the frequent rains alternated with sunny days with temperatures above the seasonal average of the period favored an almost luxuriant development of the first shoots and of the bunches then. The rains of April also, however, also favored the maturation of the spores of the mildew that from late May to mid-June triggered a succession of infections, first on the leaf and then directly on the bunches. The flowering period, therefore, was characterized by low temperatures and continuous leaf wetting which made the strategy of defending the vine complicated. From germination onwards we can define that it has undergone a tropical climatic trend, characterized by strong and abundant rainfall alternated with hot and sultry days.

Tasting notes

Salmon-pink wine with a peach blossom, cherry and pink grapefruit scent
Fresh, fruity and very pleasant taste


Levioso goes well with first courses with vegetable sauces, white meats, tasty fish and fresh cheeses. It is suggested to serve at a temperature of 10 ° – 11 ° C.

Name: Veneto Rosato I.G.T
Vines: Corvina
Territory: Valpolicella Classica.
Location: Fumane di Valpolicella – 5,59 hectares
Altitude: 220 to 350 m s.l.m
Exposure: South-Southeast
Soil type: predominantly rocky limestone with clay veins
Training system: spin
Planting density: 3500 pnt/Ha
Harvest: manual harvest carried out in September
Vinification: soft pressing
Fermentation: in steel at a controlled temperature
Fermentation temperature: 18/20°C
Fermentation time: 15 days
Malolactic fermentation: in steel barrels
Analytical data:
Alcohol content: 13% Vol
Total alkalinity: 6,40 g/I
Residual sugars: 2,7 g/I
Dry extract: 24,5 g/I
Free SO2: 4 mg/1
Total SO2: 58 mg/1
pH 3,10

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