For many years we have completely abandoned synthetic products and everything we do in the countryside we try to do it with natural products. To make a good grape you have to take care of it, starting from the pruning of the vineyard, then from the binding, from the scacchiatura, from many other small details that in time must follow, month by month, even day by day. We have deliberately neglected to plant vineyards everywhere, because it takes rest plans even in the countryside, where one can relax the gaze, must not be attacked by a whole tide of vines, must see the lawn, must see the cherry tree plant, must have the diversity of colors ...
We are trying to rebuild a corner of Valpolicella where one arrives and understands that it is in Valpolicella, but above all understands that it is in a place where things are done with care and with passion. The maximum care in the countryside, allows you to have a good vineyard and a good grape, and then consequently have a good wine. We do not use barriques, we use barrels of a certain size that give off a rather faint wood flavor, we use wood not to give a taste to wine but because we are convinced that wine should breathe. The wine should not be built in the cellar with chemistry, the wine should be built in the countryside with the passion to grow the vineyard and the grapes. In May 2014 we obtained the organic certification for grapes and olives from ICEA (IT BIO 006) and in April 2016 we bottled our first certified organic wines.
The winery is open every day of the week to taste our wines; Saturday and Sunday by reservation only.

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